Inspiring Solutions For Innovative Community Development

We are Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC. We are practitioners, advisors, coaches, and ambassadors in the community development and asset building fields, as well as mothers, role models, and community leaders. We are a band of women who care deeply about the work we do, holding ourselves to the highest standards as we facilitate organizational growth and change.

Our mission is to offer culturally relevant and innovative strategies, services, and products that create systemic change.

We assist low-wealth and diverse communities across the country to plan, develop, and implement community based economic development strategies. We work with national and local nonprofits and corporate organizations, as well as local, state, tribal, and federal governmental entities.

Incorporating the values and vision of our clients, we offer inspiring and insightful solutions to support the growth of energized, self-reliant individuals, organizations, and communities.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can support your work!