Organizational Development and Evaluation

We understand organizations’ evolving needs and draw from national best practices to develop an approach that works for your team, department, or organization. Based on systemic analysis, we’ll recommend improvements to the structure and viability of your organization and its programs. We incorporate evaluation into all that we do to monitor impact and learn from program outcomes.

Strategic and Operational Planning

We facilitate the creation of strategic plans that identify organizational resources to achieve your mission. Based on your strategic goals, we’ll help you develop a realistic operating plan to guide day-to-day implementation and catalyze action.

As experienced practitioners in strategic planning, we also teach practitioners, as well as community members, the process and techniques to facilitate strategic planning locally.

Policy and Coalition Building

We facilitate national and regional coalitions of organizations who come together from different sectors but strive to unify their voices at the federal, state, local, or tribal levels. We recommend strategies to advocate for policies that promote your cause, and we turn volunteer-driven efforts into effective operations without the expense and complications of hiring full-time staff.

CDFI Development

We have extensive knowledge of the community development financial institution (CDFI) industry generally and the Native CDFI field specifically. We support all stages of a CDFI’s development. We provide technical assistance and work with you to raise debt and equity, and design and deliver loan products and development services.

Asset Building Strategies and Implementation

We provide training, program development, and tools to support financial stability and asset building. Given our extensive experience with Individual Development Accounts, financial education, homebuyer readiness, and evaluation, we can help you develop a new program or enhance an existing one.

Customized Training, Facilitation, and Team Building

We lead training and facilitation that connect with your organization and community. Whether the topic is technical or interpersonal, we tailor our approach, content, and materials to specifically meet your needs. In addition to providing instructor training programs, our team includes Grove and True Colors certified team-building experts.

Cultural Navigation and Partnership Building

As community bridge builders, we guide organizations in your journey to connect with new partners. With extensive experience building relationships and programs in the Asian, Native, and Latino communities, we can help you create mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships.