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Inspiring Solutions for Innovative Community Development
We are Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC.
We are practitioners, advisors, coaches, and ambassadors in the community development and asset building fields, as well as mothers, role models, and community leaders. 
We are a band of women who care deeply about the work we do, holding ourselves to the highest standards as we facilitate organizational growth and change.
Seven Sisters Makah, WA
Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC
is a consulting firm operating from offices throughout North America. Our success is defined by our exceptional results that
have a lasting impact on communities
and individuals.

“Seven Sisters have been thoughtful and helpful partners in helping Oweesta accomplish our strategic plan and serve Native communities. They are
professional, inclusive, and responsive as consultants; I am honored
to so regularly have the privilege of working with them.” 

— Krystal Langholz, Chief Operating Officer, Oweesta

Seven Sisters Services
Seven Sisters Projects
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