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Our coaching practice is grounded in supporting clients to identify their core values and take action toward greater alignment in their lives. As asset based coaches, we help clients use their strengths as the foundation and springboard for their personal and professional growth. Our commitment is to cultivate an authentic coaching relationship grounded in trust, safety, and respect. We will meet each client where they are and support them on their path to meet their goals.

We recommend coaching for any leader or staff member interested in personal growth, expanding perspectives, and increasing self-awareness. In our experience, people can benefit from different aspects of coaching based on their current priorities. We have received feedback from executive directors who have valued a sounding board at a leadership level, and staff who appreciate the support in their skill and leadership development. Our commitment is to partner with each client on his or her personal journey. 

To learn more about our coaching services, please contact Natasha Shulman or Vickie Oldman-John:

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