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Barbara Roloff
Milton-Freewater, OR
Barbara Roloff

Barbara Ku`ulei Roloff has more than 30 years of experience that includes working for city and tribal government, nonprofit agencies, universities and private enterprise. Barbara owns businesses with her spouse. Mainly, Barbara’s passion is to help individuals work on asset building and financial empowerment strategies. She enjoys working with communities near and far on community development endeavors.


Barbara’s career spotlights itself working in project and executive management roles, but she specializes in helping communities with sustainable program development and leadership strategies. She has particular expertise in the areas of comprehensive program planning, affordable housing, asset-building strategies, community and economic development, partnership building and facilitation. Barbara provides hands-on working knowledge as a consultant through a variety of regional and national intermediaries such as National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) and Northwest Indian Housing Association (NWIHA) by providing direct training and technical assistance to tribal entities and communities.


Barbara has worked in the trenches and can relate to the multidimensional demands that organizations face. She understands the challenges businesses are experiencing, because she has been a practitioner too. She enjoys working with communities to explore ways to create strategic direction and sustainable approaches. She wants to be more than just a consultant, but a part of the journey to help individuals and organizations thrive.


Barbara holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Hawaii and a Bachelor of Science in Business: Managerial Leadership from Northwest Christian College in collaboration with the University of Oregon. Barbara holds numerous certifications and program awards throughout her career. Barbara was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and married a fruit farmer where they reside in a small town called Milton-Freewater with their dog and two cats.

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