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Our Team

We are Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC. We are practitioners, advisors, coaches, and ambassadors in the community development and asset building fields, as well as mothers, role models, and community leaders. We are a band of women who care deeply about the work we do, holding ourselves to the highest standards as we facilitate organizational growth and change.

Noorie Brantmeier specializes in the areas of research and evaluation, curriculum development, training, higher education, and community development strategies with Native communities and organizations. Read more

/// Noorie Brantmeier

Noorie Brantmeier

Joanna Donohoe specializes in public policy and advocacy, coalition building, grant writing, capitalization and fundraising strategies, organizational and program development, strategic planning, curriculum development, homeownership strategies, event planning, and partnership building. Read more

/// Joanna Donohoe

Joanna Donohoe

Co-manager of the company, Leslie Newman specializes in community development in Native and border communities, focusing on affordable housing, 
asset building, community development financial institution (CDFI) development, organizational development, and resource development.

Read more

Leslie Newman

/// Leslie Newman

Co-manager of the company, Vickie Oldman specializes in culturally relevant approaches to organizational development. She has expertise in strategic planning, board development, leadership training, team building, asset building and executive coaching to Native and rural communities. She is recognized nationally as a skilled facilitator, trainer, and speaker. Read more


/// Vickie Oldman

Barbara Ku`ulei Roloff specializes in asset building and financial empowerment strategies for city and tribal government, nonprofit agencies, universities and private enterprise. She enjoys working with communities near and far on community development endeavors. Read more

/// Barb Roloff

Barbara Roloff

Natasha believes in taking

time for introspection and accepting life’s messiness 

and imperfections. Her unique coaching style creates space for individuals and organizations

to be creative and playful as

they explore how to live and

work with authenticity, intention, and purpose. Read more

/// Natasha Shulman

Natasha Shulman
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