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Seven Sisters Branding and Website Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals: Branding and Website Redesign Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC

As Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC (Seven Sisters) celebrates its 10 year anniversary, the firm is looking to refresh its branding and website to reflect its position as a national for-profit consulting firm that offers culturally relevant and innovative strategies, services, and products to support systemic change. Seven Sisters is a woman-owned and majority-Native owned firm specializing in strategic and operational planning, organizational development, coaching, cultural navigation and partnership building, asset development, and policy work.

The team includes six women accomplished in their Native and rural community development work, as well as a virtual administrative assistant and a media and marketing coordinator. The cornerstones of Seven Sisters’ work include:

● Organizational capacity building

● Technical assistance and coaching

● Facilitation

● Customized curriculum development and training

● Indigenous data collection approaches

● Strategic and operational planning

● Assessment, impact tracking, and evaluation

● Organizational and program development

● Coalition building

● Cultural navigation and partnership building

● Board development

● Resource development, grant writing, and capitalization

● Advocacy and policy development

Project Overview: Branding and website design are vital to Seven Sisters’ ability to communicate its values to clients and the broader community, and the firm is excited to rebrand and update its image in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Please visit the existing website at:

We are soliciting proposals for the following:

1) Develop a new logo,

2) Develop a corporate suite of marketing materials that incorporates the new logo, and

3) Redesign a website in alignment with the new branding profile.

The project timeline (subject to change) will take place over the course of 2022 and into 2023, beginning with the launch of a new logo to celebrate the firm’s 10th anniversary before the end of the year. In addition to the logo, a corporate suite of marketing materials featuring the new branding will be the other deliverable in 2022. Then, in the beginning of 2023, Seven Sisters will launch its revamped website to align with the refreshed branding. Each component of this project should focus on helping Seven Sisters visually communicate its values, its people, and its work.

Project Goals: Phase 1:

a. Create a new logo that speaks to the essence of Seven Sisters and its mission and values.

b. Create a host of branding materials to be used in both digital and physical media. These materials can include, but are not limited to: a style guide, electronic letterhead, a proposal template, a powerpoint template, and business cards.

Phase 2: a. Refresh Seven Sisters’ website so that it is modern, accessible, narratively compelling, and clear. The website must tell the story of the work the firm does, and who Seven Sisters is as a company.

Applicant Profile: Candidates should have experience working with Indigenous communities, and proposals should encompass an understanding of the cultural, social, environmental, economic, and aesthetic landscape of Indigenous and rural communities.

Submission Guidelines:

The proposal must include:

  1. Approach to this work,

  2. A statement of qualifications and firm overview,

  3. A cost estimate broken out by project component,

  4. A timeline in alignment with the Project Overview, and

  5. Applicants must submit a portfolio of their work, including an example of a website and a logo.

  6. Submissions must also include at least two references from past clients, one of which should be Native.

Proposals will be evaluated holistically, with specific attention to the applicant’s experience with Indigenous communities and ability to clearly articulate the Seven Sisters vision.

All proposals should be submitted to: Morgan Anker (Media and Marketing Coordinator)

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2022

Terms and conditions: Any questions should be directed to Morgan Anker. All responses should be made by email.


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